WhatsApp Online Notification Tracker Apps

Top 7 Best WhatsApp Online Notification Tracker Apps 

When someone comes online on WhatsApp it makes it easier to catch the person receiving the notification or get a better chance to chat with them. You can use WhatsApp to get alerts when someone replies to your chat and a notification pop up while you're online.

But, if he doesn't reply or text you, it doesn't mean he's not online ... right? This has made me want to find some effective apps to do research on that give at least one warning when someone comes to WhatsApp and you want to chat with them. Yes, I have found 7 apps that work for both types of OS on your mobile, be it Android or iOS. More about apps, you can get these apps from Google Play Store or Apple Store. In this article, you can find WhatsApp online tracker apps that press notifications on your iPhone or Android when someone really comes to WhatsApp or opens his or her WhatsApp. All you need is an internet connection from both sides.

I have recognized below the features and user guidelines for each app that provide such features i.e. provide online alert notifications on your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Online Notification Tracker Apps

For Android:

Below is the list of applications for Android devices:

1. WaStat - WhatsApp Tracker

WaStat is the first choice that alerts anyone on WhatsApp when they come online. Let's read WaStat's features and user guide. The tool not only provides tracking features but also many more timestamp features.


WaStat shows the last active hour during the connection.

Online notifications will also be available for Android devices.

Records of statistics for the last 30 days. Show notifications for up to 10 contacts at once.

Requests to inform the person if he repeatedly comes online.

How to use:

Get the WaStat app from the Google Play Store. Used to track a person on WhatsApp.

Just click the icon at the top right and add the name of the person you want to track.

When a person goes online, he sends instant notifications.

2. WA Toolkit - Online / Offline Notifications

WA Toolkit is an open source Android app that tracks notifications when someone comes online on WhatsApp. WA Toolkit is another great app that helps you to monitor many features of WhatsApp like online tracker, latest viewed notifications etc.


WA Toolkit is an open source app / free app that can be used on Android.

With the WA toolkit you can keep track of your profile visitors, download DP.

Having a tracker feature that helps you check if someone comes online.

How to use:

Install the WA toolkit from the Google Play Store.

Set up the WA Toolkit app with permission to send you a notification.

Set to use any WhatsApp contact to send a notification to WhatsApp when it comes online.

This will enable you to get an online notification on WhatsApp when someone comes online in real-time.

3. Logify - WhatsApp Tracker

The Logify app is another Android option for getting online tracking of your WhatsApp contacts. Logify will send a notification for contacts stored on your mobile, you can get it from the Play Store and try it out.


Available on the Google Play Store and easy to manage for your WhatsApp.

If you need quick notifications, this is the best app to get started.

Easily set up online notifications with Logify.

Track WhatsApp user's past activities, which are used to track children for their activities.

How to use:

First, install the Logify app from the Google Play Store.

You can monitor the user monthly and weekly where you track the number when he goes online on WhatsApp and all the activities that capture all the login times of WhatsApp.

Since this app works on device activity, this means you can't get notifications from other contacts who don't install the Logify app.

4. LogWatt: Online notifier and last seen

LogWatt is another great Android app that helps you get notifications when someone comes online on WhatsApp. With Online Notifier, you can track the latest views with this app logwatt. As parents track their child, you will receive a notification as soon as your child comes online - which helps in tracking.


You can get it online from the Google Play Store.

LogWatt helps provide online notifications for anyone who comes online to WhatsApp.

You can do unlimited tracking through the LogWatt app.

With LogWatt which is trial free, it is open source in the Play Store.

You can track two numbers at once from WhatsApp contacts.

How to use:

First, install LogWatt from the Google Play Store.

Enable tracking for your WhatsApp contacts.

Select the person's number or two WP contacts for notification when coming online. The notification is displayed in the notification bar.

5. WA Family - Online Tracker, last seen for WhatsApp

If you need to monitor a few people at once through a single app, the WA Family app is the best choice, you can get it from the Play Store for your Android. You can manage up to 25 people to get their online status with latest details.


You can add up to 25 members to this WA Family app to track WhatsApp.

This WA Family app helps you track the last visited status for your WhatsApp contacts.

The WA Family app supports different languages ​​so that they create a yes in this app for users in all countries.

With this WA Family app you can get online notifications if the person comes online on WhatsApp.

This WA Family app provides features for tracking online status and last seen at the same time.

How to use:

Install the WA Family app directly from the Google Play Store.

Open the setup and you can select someone's contact phone number to track.

Now turn on tracking for numbers of your choice. You will be notified when someone comes online on WhatsApp.

For iPhone / iPad:

Below is a list of iOS apps:

6. wLog online

wLog is the best iOS app that lets you know when someone comes online on WhatsApp. wLog can show statistics as well as online notifications. However, you can use it for statistics verified by wLog iPhones or iPads.


WLog has been created to send unlimited notifications.

Through WLog, you can see the statistics that are provided weekly.

You can turn off notifications at any time.

When a user comes online, an instant notification is published.

Verified mobile number can view statistics.

How to use:

Install the wLog Online iOS app from the Apple Store on your iPhone / iPad.

Check the wLog online number to get the status report.

You can manage the wLog online app to get notifications when someone comes online by turning on the feature.

7. OnlineNotify

OnlineNotify is the best tool for using an iPhone or iPad for an iOS device. You can get it on your iOS device and run it to get notifications every time a contact comes online.


The OnlineNotify app sends notifications when your friends are online on WhatsApp.

History statistics show how long a person has been active.

You can monitor more people at once through OnlineNotify.

Sends a notification when someone types.

OnlineNotify can send offline notifications.

How to use:

Download the iOS version of OnlineNotify 3.3.3 from third party websites.

Add contacts to your iPhone or make sure it's in your contacts.

Now turn on the OnlineNotify app settings and set the alert type when someone comes online.

Now, when a person comes online, you will get notifications on your iPhone or iPad.

These are the best apps listed that provide online notifications for Android or iOS devices when someone comes online. Recommended app for iPhone users, with multiple features of OnlineNotify.

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