View Protected Tweets without Following on Twitter

View Protected Tweets without Following on Twitter - Working Method

Twitter only allows people to view their personal profiles or their protected tweets if they follow the profile. If you don't follow a profile, its protected tweets are kept private, and once you tap the request button, you can view the tweets if the person accepts.


Protected Tweets Visible by Private Message If the person sent you via messages, it may not be visible in the profile.

If you're looking for reasons, you can see that the person has created their privacy settings in such a way that their protected tweets are not visible to anyone other than their followers. If someone makes the settings private, all their previous tweets will also be hidden from non-followers.

You can follow the article to view a personal Twitter account.

To view protected tweets without following the person on Twitter, you can only follow the person using a fake ID otherwise it is not possible to view the person's protected tweets. There are also some tools that actually added their fake followers to that profile and using those tools can show you secure tweets but it works on most old popular Twitter profiles.

In this article, I will explain different ways to view protected tweets that may be helpful for you.

Can you see protected tweets without following?

On Twitter, it is a well-known fact that you cannot view their protected tweets without following or permission from the user. If you want to access their tweets, you'll have to wait for them to accept your requests. For privacy reasons, Twitter cannot share secure tweets with a person who is not following the user. If someone makes tweets public, only you will see that their protected tweets can only be accessed by their authorized fans and followers.

How can someone view protected tweets on Twitter?

Viewing protected tweets or data is always considered unethical, but this way you can do it in a completely legal way.

To see someone's protected tweets on Twitter,

The first thing you need to do is send a request to the user you want to follow or see the protected tweets. (Users make their profiles public so anyone can see their posts but in this case, their account information will no longer be private.)

After sending a request you will have to wait until the user accepts your request. Follow Twitter Request

After receiving approval from the user, the protected tweets can be easily visible to you as normal tweets and you can easily see their new tweets.

This is all you have to do and you can see all their things or tweets. However, if you want to view tweets without following or not following your ID, there are other ways to do so.

One thing you should always remember is that once you've created an account on Twitter and that account is viewed by all Twitter users by default, your personal tweets will only be accessible to people if you allow them.

Ways to view secure tweets without following him

To view protected or private profile tweets without being a real follower, you can create a fake ID and proceed to become a fake follower of that person and view all protected tweets.

Below are some ways you can use to view protected tweets:

1. Create a fake Twitter ID

All you have to do is create a fake account using another number or a random identity. After that, you need to send a request to follow the person whose tweets you don't want to follow.

One thing you should always remember is that you are not being a follower of that person but your fake ID makes this part a success. You will have to wait until your request is accepted by the user.

Once your request is accepted, you can easily view the user's personal information and secure tweets without revealing your real identity. If you have an alternative mobile or email ID, it is not difficult to create a fake account on Twitter. If you create a fake account on Twitter and see protected tweets, it is possible to see someone's tweets with older ones.

Make sure that you do not use this account for spam or harm anyone, this account may be permanently deleted.

2. Check the list of followers in the profile

You can see followers, even tweets are protected, and from there you can find people on the person's follower list that you need to visit for this method.

You need to connect with the user to see the tweets and your request must be accepted by them. You must always keep an eye on the followers' profile and see if there is any change of interest and you can create a fake ID profile accordingly.

These are the points by which your request is accepted by the user and to see the specific type of follower, just look at the person who has been accepted to his follower list.

You might find some people that you can easily clone to create a profile, and it will be really easy to accept if you notice that the person is accepting random people in his follow up list.

The main part is that this process will help you create a profile that people can easily identify and adopt in the most possible way. Key points can be a DP, people involved in a country or field, and according to these points, they can accept or add you if you create an ID on Twitter.

3. Using the online tool

If you want to view protected Twitter posts, the tool or bot can help you with a few profiles and if those profiles have any pre-access to the bot.

You know that there are many fake Twitter profiles that are used by bots to follow this type of profile before when it was public and if that profile is turned into private tweet settings then with the help of those previous fake bot profiles, it can show you someone's protected tweets. However, we are not sure if this will work for your specific profile.

However, there may be different algorithms that use the tools and each thing is done individually according to requirements.

So to view protected tweets you can just follow the person or use bots that can show protected tweets or old tweets without even taking any extra steps.

4. Ask others to send messages

If you know another person who has a follower on the account whose tweets you want to see, you can manually request that person to send tweets with a direct message or a screenshot of all his or her old tweets. That way, you can easily see the tweets from that protected account with your mutual followers.

There are methods mentioned above that show the ways you can view secure tweets on Twitter, and the only way is to follow a person's net or use a tool that does this using an algorithm.

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