Canadian product licence

How to get your Canadian Product licence for your health product

Natural health products are becoming more popular in Canada and many people have even started to use them to change their lives. But, there is a problem--how do you learn what natural health products are available and order one that can work for you?

How to apply for a Canadian product licence

If you have created a product or service in Canada and want to create a successful business here, you may be looking for ways on how to get your product licensed. Getting an R/T certification can depend heavily on the number of products sold over a certain period of time. Individuals may also have difficulties with getting a licence for their products because of the heavy workload. 

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Get a Canadian Product Licence

Licences in Canada

The government of Canada changes its rules frequently when it comes to intellectual property protection, so it is not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. In order to innovate, the corporation must always be thinking and strategizing about what might happen if the Canadian patent law changes. 

Canadian companies consider their Canadian products to be successful if they have the best quality, a competitive price and are in short supply around the world. However, for licensed businesses, there is the opportunity to licence the product in other markets. In countries such as North America and Europe, this means that consumers can get a product directly from Canada – avoid costly distribution costs and market discounts!

Products and ingredients that need a licence

Travel plans come to life when countries want to do trade deals. Having a Canadian licence is your chance to get ahead of the game. If you have created a patentable or proprietary product or invented an ingredient or an article with them, and you wish to sell it outside of Canada without obtaining a licence from Health Canada, then you could be infringing on your competitor's intellectual property rights.

The process for obtaining a licence

Before you are able to sell or advertise a Canadian product, you must obtain a licence. The process for obtaining the nhps licensing is detailed and can be challenging for most. A digital file of your design must be submitted for approval by senior Canadian personnel before proceeding with production

Natural products that can be sold without a licence

Manufacturing, importing, or selling cosmetics in Canada requires a licence. For natural products that can be sold without a licence, you need to get permission from Health Canada to sell your product. If your company sells a health product in Canada, you MUST have a Canadian product licence to sell that product. 

The only exception is if the NH is available over-the-counter or in conventional drug stores and not specialized stores. If you are going to make your pest issue application for indefinite use of the NHP, it’s essential that all related technical aspects relating to the production and manufacturing of an NHP comply with standards of safety.

Consequences of potentially breaking the rules when selling natural health products

When selling natural health products, there are rules and regulations in place to make sure the products will not cause harm or pose a risk to public health. These rules can include prohibiting false statements, using misleading claims, or communicating with customers about treatments and covers. If you break these rules in a potentially deceptive way you could be faced with a matter that would need your attention within one month.


In order to gain a Canadian product licence, it is important that you have the highest quality products on the market. If you are successful in finding the best-selling product, then you stand to make millions of dollars for only a few months of hard work.

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