Best apps to view Instagram Stories anonymously

Top 5 best apps to view Instagram Stories anonymously

Contrary to what happens on Instagram feeds, whenever you check out someone's story, you show up in the viewer's list. On the other hand, we sometimes want to see stories on Instagram anonymously, even if we do see stories of the crash.

It would be really nice if we had an anonymous mode for viewing other people's stories on Instagram, although this is not true, it is ideal for you to use some more specific apps.

Best apps to view Instagram Stories anonymously
Best apps to view Instagram Stories anonymously

While interacting on Instagram is a key strategy for getting new followers, we don't always want to be so visible. And while that's not the most important thing around, being able to watch anonymous stories is just like finding out who doesn't follow you on Instagram: It's not really important, but it can be a lot of fun!

To help you with this task, we've selected the best apps you can use to view anonymous Instagram stories. That way, you can check out your favorite crushes without thinking you are already planning your wedding.

1. Repost Story for Instagram

Although the main goal of this app is to be able to repost stories to your profile, it serves as one of the best apps for viewing anonymous Instagram stories as an added feature.

In addition to viewing these stories, you can also download them to your phone It even includes the content you post. In other words, Repost Story is a great option for Instagram users who need to keep a backup of their posts on this social network!

2. Profile Plus + Story Repostor

Another great app in this category is Profile Plus + Story Reposter, which lets you view anonymous Instagram stories on your iOS device without having to download anything!

Here, all you have to do is enter the username of the user and then you can see the whole profile without any trace! Of course, this feature is not usable if the profile is private, but it is expected. Still, you'll be able to see some popular personal account content!

3. Story Saver

Story Saver is a great alternative to the iPhone's profile plus +, but for Android users! For those of you who want to see anonymous Instagram Stories at the top of their Android device, this is the second option on our list.

Not only does this app allow you to be an invisible ninja in the store, the app lets you download Instagram videos, whether they're posted in the feed or in the store!

4. Storiesig

Unlike other options for viewing Instagram stores anonymously, StorageJug is not accessible through any app for Android or iPhone. If you want to test anonymous stories on your computer, this is the best possible option!

It works the same way with most of the apps we've talked about so far. And since you don't have to link your Instagram profile to the website, you just have to look for your handle to get access to the stories you post.

5. Blindstory

Designed specifically to help you view Instagram stories without letting others know, it offers users the opportunity to search for content to explore. On the other hand, its use in the free version is quite limited, and so you need a premium subscription to view and download without limits.

The advantage of not being a free app is that it ensures that stories will be downloaded at a really high quality. In other words, it is really convenient to re-post without losing the quality of the original content!
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