Instagram Video Stuck on Processing or Uploading

Instagram Video Stuck on Processing or Uploading – FIXED

As you and the other 1 billion active monthly users know, Instagram is a great way to share photos and short videos. And get compliments from your friends and followers. Most of the time, however, Instagram seems to be moving at a slower pace.

Maybe your handle was meant to make the next photo or video go viral, but instead your app froze! Assuming there are no software conflicts or hardware errors on your smartphone, and you have the latest version of Instagram, the problem is your internet connection. That means some of your 53 minutes that the average Instagram user spends every day on the site are not getting used to the full potential of it.

Read how to avoid frozen Instagram when you upload videos.

Instagram Video Stuck on Processing or Uploading
Instagram Video Stuck on Processing or Uploading

Why isn't my video being uploaded on Instagram?

There are multiple reasons why this can happen; Some of them include:

Video format not supported - most phones make Instagram compatible videos. But it won't work if it's more than 60 seconds or you want to upload a 4k clip.

Content is not allowed - if you try to upload X-rated or violent videos you will not succeed.
 Check out Instagram's Community Guide.

There is a problem with your account - has it been blocked or disabled?

Poor internet connection - slow and unstable. This is the most common problem with Instagram freezing when uploading videos.

Here's what happens: By default, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets use only one Internet connection at a time. You must connect via Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection If your signal is weak or spotted for any reason, your device may lose some information called packets. This causes uploads and downloads to stop or stop altogether. This may be due to the fact that nothing seems to be happening, or why the pictures don't load and the videos lag or Instagram freezes.

You may not have enough bandwidth to complete your request as quickly as you would like. It's a lot like getting caught in a traffic jam on a freeway - the more lanes you have, the faster you can go.

How To Solve Instagram Stuck Video Uploading

As mentioned earlier, the reason for your Instagram freezing while uploading videos is probably the weak internet. But you should exclude other possible causes:

Instagram is being relaunched
Clearing app cache
Instagram app is being updated
Restarting your iPhone or Android smartphone

If you still get slow Instagram, you need to work on your internet connection. Speedify is an app that you can get for iOS or Android that solves slow Instagram problems. Speedify works like a power-up for your device. Instead of just having an Internet connection at once, Speedify allows your smartphone to use cellular data and Wi-Fi at the same time. It gives you a faster, more reliable Instagram experience. You don't even have to worry about taking that video forever to upload.
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