Merge Two Instagram Accounts Followers

Merge Two Instagram Accounts Followers - Working Method

People are crazy about Instagram. Because a lot of people knew that Instagram could make you a famous and great celebrity. Millions of people around the world want to be recognized and Instagram has changed the fortunes of these millions of people with a new identity and made them celebrities.

Suppose you are an ordinary person or you have a business, or you provide a service. In that case, you can promote your business or your own by creating a personal or business account on Instagram. You can show your products, your pictures and other things to millions of people on this popular platform and easily increase your followers.

Below are some integrated Instagram account tips that you can follow to merge two Instagram accounts. The process is a bit complicated because, like Facebook, there is no specific option on Instagram to connect your two accounts with just a simple click. Stay with me because, in the end, it’s worth it.

Merge Two Instagram Accounts Followers - Working Method
Merge Two Instagram Accounts Followers - Working Method

Upload all your posts to the new account.

If you transfer your old account to a new account, upload all existing photos and videos from your old account to the new account.

Remember that there is no option on Instagram to copy all your data. It is recommended that you upload all your data so that your users can identify you by looking at your previous posts. When users see your old posts again, they will follow your new account. This will let him know that this is your new account, and this will be your announcement.

You can take the help of some marketing agencies to increase your followers legally. This process will speed up your efforts and in the meantime, when you transfer your old content to the new account. Followers make an impact from the beginning.

After merging the Instagram accounts, delete the contents of your old account

However, this process is quite long, and it takes a lot of time. And another thing to keep in mind is that when all your previous data is transferred to a new account, delete all your previous content so that it is not duplicated. Instead, make sure your busyness and access to a new profile doesn't affect it. And most importantly, users will not be able to find new accounts as long as the old content remains.

Want to help us merge accounts for free?

As I mentioned earlier, there is no option to repost on Instagram, but there are many Android apps that you can use to speed up the process.

Now let's talk about them.

How to repost pictures of Instagram using Android app

You'll find countless apps in the Play Store that will immediately re-post your pictures, but here I will tell you about some of the unique Android apps that I use myself.

The app is called FastSave for Instagram, and is available on the Google Play Store.

You need to follow the steps below to know how to use the app.

Step 1: Go to Easy Google Play Store and download it.

Step 2: When you log in to the app, you will see all the old profile pictures.

Step 3: Now, select the images you want to repost by clicking 'Select Multiple'. After that, click on 'Post again'

How to get followers in new account.

1- Ask your followers

Now that a new account has been created to add a post or story to the old account to let your followers follow the new account.

2- Instagram ads

Another option is to run Instagram ads and get followers targeting your business-related audience there.

But one minute! Can you run the right Instagram ad?

The bitter truth is that very few people know how to run an Instagram ad. This is why it is recommended to hire a professional Instagram advertising agency for your business or personal profile.

3- Follow unfollow trick

Follow the big Instagram profiles related to your niche and when you click the follow button. After that, you will see another listing open below the bigger business related to your niche. So, without thinking, or wasting a second, just click the follow button on all the profiles and follow at least 25 to 35 profiles at once.

4- DM your followers

You can also send a message to your old followers about your new account One more thing to keep in mind is that you have to explain them. This means you have to give them a purpose to follow you again. As if seeing something good, they have followed your previous profile.

You can create a good message template to attract them. But in this message, it should know that you are referring to the person. Please do not copy the Internet Pitch template; Otherwise, it won't work for you.

5- Username Hack Redirect

This method is also much simpler. All you have to do is delete the username of your old account and keep some random ones. And as I said before, you should have a post for your new account. Now you need to keep your new account as the username of your old account.

The most significant advantage of this is that anyone who knows your profile by name will quickly see your new profile whenever they search for it.

Linking Instagram with Facebook

The importance of social networks in spreading any kind of advice on the internet is undeniable. Without the endless support of this promotional tool, reaching more customers and gaining quality traffic seems almost impossible.

However, cutting and pasting the same content across all profiles can be tedious.

Connecting Facebook to Instagram or you can say Merge Instagram Accounts to Facebook: Save time and become more efficient.

These two social networks are used by millions of users around the world. Allows the first one to include content, comments and all kinds of interactions Second, to be visionary and to create engagement. How can you combine two accounts to save work time?

The idea came from companies that advertised on Instagram that, logically, they needed a page with their offers to describe it. That is, if you plan to run a marketing campaign on this social network, you need to link your Facebook profile to your account in the following ways.

Enter your Facebook profile.

Click on "Settings".

Click "Instagram Ads" and link your account to this latest social network.

On the other hand, if you want to share everything posted on Instagram as well as Facebook, you need to follow these steps:

Enter your Instagram profile.

Touch your mobile phone's operating system icon.

Select the Facebook and account you want to link to.

Select where you want to share your content

The main advantage of merging Instagram account with Facebook

- Time saving and efficiency benefits. With one click, you will get the perfect result.

- Always updated and fresh content with your suggestions. Focusing only on one social network will make you ignore the other. This way, you update the most effective people at the same time and you can easily improve your reputation.

- Advertising. Your campaigns can be viewed on both social networks at the same time so that the return on investment is instant.

- Transfer of followers. Instagram is used by people of all ages, so a good photo can turn a follower into someone you post on Facebook.

However, with a few clicks, you will not be able to finish your work, but a new phase will begin where you need to remember:

- You must reply to all comments. If they are positive, you can write a more general answer, if they are negative then you need to come up with specific solutions that other followers will read. This process is necessary to improve the public image of your proposal.

- Use both social networks to create offers only for your followers. One-time discounts, 48-hour offers, and similar formats can be very effective in turning your profiles into profitable generators.

- Remember the importance of live videos and stories. Announcing that you are going to broadcast something related to your activity or publish a story is the ideal activity to keep your followers interested.

- Try to handle comments more efficiently on both social networks. This possibility is ideal for better control of your followers' opinions and without leaving any leisure which can be a problem.


Will Facebook and Instagram accounts merge or go together?

This is a million questions. For some people, each network has some flaws that the other has. Although according to experts, the union will surpass Pinterest, it does not appear that there are plans to create a hybrid between the two social networks. In fact, each of them belongs to different sections of the user population and it seems difficult to find a middle ground to perform this integration.

However, the possibility of interacting with both networks at the same time represents a great development. There is no doubt that visuals succeed in getting written material, so it can be said that both suggestions are complementary.

In fact, the statistics confirm that Instagram will benefit from this alliance. Especially for the computer version, which involves some special work. The user growth of this network will be symbolic and both the companies will share a good share of the internet users.

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