ICP ACC Certification

How Long Is The ICP ACC Certification Valid?

If you want to build a career as an Agile Coach, the ICP ACC certificate creates a strong basis. It focuses on entire team coaching abilities to raise a team's knowledge of the organization's goals and assist agile teams in realizing their full potential by promoting agile thinking and enhancing team procedures. Additionally, it improves your ability to collaborate seamlessly across Team members and your dispute resolution abilities as a coach.

The ICP-ACC certification is valid for the lifetime and does not need to be updated, hence there are no fees involved in doing so. After earning your certification as an agile coach, you may continue to advance. With agile frameworks, you may look for chances in large corporations.

The Global Consortium awards professionals, who complete the 24-hour program by an IC Agile Institution, the prestigious (ICP-ACC) accreditation for Agile (ICAgile). Understanding credentials offered in the Agile Coach Track, the certification is largely concerned with the mentality, duties, and functions of an Agile Coach. Participating in a customized ICP-ACC membership by a Group of Agile may get the Agile coaching certification.

Advantages Of ICP ACC Certification

The following abilities are yours after you become an ICP ACC Accredited Coach:

Mentoring and professional coaching.

Fostering an atmosphere of collaboration.

Resolving conflicts


Change management and risk management.

Monitoring of performance.

Solving problems.

Additionally, this training will assist you in making the distinction between coaching, mentoring, advising, and facilitating.

Target Audience And Requirements

ICP ACC certification has no strict requirements. However, you will benefit most from your training if you are acquainted with the Agile Principles and the Scrum Guide. Although it's not required, getting the Agile Team Facilitator (ICP-ATF) certification before taking this course could help you even more. Anyone utilizing the SCRUM framework, such as SCRUM teammates, Managers, and SCRUM Masters, may find the ICP ACC Certification Course helpful.

Costs Associated With Becoming An ICP ACC Certified

Each ICAgile Member Organization sets the price they charge to conduct their courses. This certification does not need passing an exam. After completing your 24-hour course, you may go into your ICAgile.com profile and complete the post-training survey. A shareable PDF of your certification will be provided to you. Your My Certificates page also has a download link for your certificate. Your ICP ACC certificate has the same worth whether you took lessons in-person or online, notwithstanding what is not stated on your certificate.

Prospects For Employment Following ICP ACC Certification

The ICP ACC credential is accepted everywhere, which creates opportunities. Telecom, Oil and gas, insurance, finance, and other industries are not yet using the Agile Methodology. With attractive salary packages, agile Coach job postings are rising quickly and will keep doing so in the next years. These incomes should cover the cost of the agile coach certification, which is a small portion of what you will be paid after earning your certification.


The ICP ACC program is a wonderful option to start your career as an Agile Coach since so many companies are converting to the Agile approach. There is just a 24-hour training period left for it. The return on your investment in employment options and pay should help dispel any concern you may have about pursuing this certification, even though being an agile accredited professional may seem more expensive because of the need of soft skills for success.

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