UPS Batteries

Why Ensure That UPS Batteries Are Well Maintained

An uninterruptible power supply or UPS provides an essential service during a power outage, especially keeping your crucial infrastructure elements working as intended. Indeed, an uninterruptible power supply plays an essential role during a power outage or other power disturbance while it can provide the backup power needed to keep the system running when the main power supply has been disrupted. As a consequence, if you want to ensure that your critical infrastructure items receive power in the event of a complete power failure in your facility, then you must use several uninterruptible power supplies. However, it is essential to note that if you use an uninterruptible power supply to provide power to your essential computing equipment during a power outage, then you must make sure they are well maintained to ensure they operate as intended in the event of a power failure.

• Ensure reliable backup power by maintaining your uninterruptible power supplies
• Prevent battery failure from occurring
• Extend the life of the battery
• Avoid unplanned downtime from occurring

A. Ensure reliable backup power

The main reason that you must make sure your UPS batteries are well maintained is to ensure reliable backup power in the event of a power failure in your facility. A UPS is designed to kick in when the power supply fails while they can provide power for a limited amount of time. This can allow the computer to shut down correctly without losing data.

B. Prevent battery failure

Another reason to ensure that all UPS batteries are well maintained is to prevent battery failure when they are required. Moreover, batteries can develop an internal resistance over time, which reduces their capacity and their ability to hold a charge for a period of time. This could potentially result in an unexpected battery failure if your UPS is required during a failure of the electricity supply to the facility.

C. Extend the life of the battery

Correct maintenance of an uninterruptible power supply could also potentially extend the life expectancy of the battery. Indeed, batteries are the most expensive and important part of the UPS system, meaning replacing them can often be costly. By carrying out recommended maintenance practices such as regular testing, cleaning and charging you can ensure the UPS battery lasts for a considerable period of time.

D. Avoid downtime

Finally, if you maintain the UPS batteries in your facility, you can avoid unplanned downtime from occurring. This could potentially result in lost revenue or productivity as a consequence of your infrastructure systems not being available to your employees. Moreover, carrying out regular maintenance to the UPS batteries in your facility is imperative so that you can comply with the regulatory standards in operation in Australia.

In concluding, if you operate a facility with uninterruptible power supplies you must ensure the batteries are well maintained to ensure reliable backup power and to prevent unexpected battery failures while you should potentially extend the battery life and avoid unplanned downtime by carrying out regular maintenance practices on the UPS batteries in your facility.

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