In a country like India, where there is only 19% internet coverage, social media penetration has been rapid. Mobile-based social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat especially is growing exponentially. A data released by Global Web Index (GWI) put the market penetration of Instagram at around 19%. Brands can leverage this to talk to its consumers. Thanks to the adoption of social media, brands are now moving on from brand ambassadors, to social media influencers and advocates as a better alternative to reach out to their consumers.
Humans have always been visual.We tend to see and learn and that is why image-heavy platforms like Instagram do well for many businesses especially fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Gone are the days when people had to wait for their monthly fashion magazine to arrive to know about the latest trends. Fashion and lifestyle tips are now just a tap away. We had earlier put down a list of top fashion & beauty influencers in India, and now we have a specific list of lifestyle and fashion Instagrammers. In no particular order, here is a list of top Instagrammers, you can follow to get all the tips and fashion trends.
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Ayushi Bangur is a force to be reckoned with. With a strong fellowship of 93,000, this Mumbai-based Fashionista has been making heads turn. An economics graduate, she is anything but boring. Big names like Forever21 and Estee Lauder feature regularly in her stylebook. From the latest trends to super cool DIY tips, her Instagram handles: @styledriveis something that you definitely need to follow.


Mitali Sagar and  Summiyya Patni, they come as a pair, with different views that complement each other. Followed by 78,000 followers, they are immensely passionate about fashion and styling. Their motto is ‘It is not what you wear, or who you wear, but how you wear it’. And they stand for what they believe. From rocking Gaurav Gupta’s Indian fusion to sporting Nike India, they display a diverse and stunning sense of fashion. If you haven’t already, you can follow them here: @houseofmisu

Masoom Minawala, a 23 year old fashion blogger turned CEO of a fashion portal, Style Fiesta is someone you need to follow for really good curated fashion. Her Instagram handle @missstylefiesta is vivid and trendy and quite importantly reflects her personal style. From Shopperstop to PepeJeans, her stunning sense of fashion is easy on the pocket. A ‘Make in India’ enthusiast, she runs a campaign called ‘Wear from India’, where she showcases Indian designs and fashion, to exhibit the potential of Indian designers in the global market.

When @giasaysthat you need to listen. From her DIY videos on YouTube, to her rocking Instagram account, Gia is one of the most vouched for voices in this sphere. She rocks high-street fashion like no other, and has busted a major myth that only expensive luxury labels are fashionable. Her 30,000 followers enjoy her DIY make trips ad mix and match high-street fashion.A freelance graphic designer and an avid photographer, her blogs and photographs are quirky and cool.

Not a new name in fashion, Akanksha Redhu is a fashion and lifestyle blogger by day and a designer by night. Effortlessly casual is her style statement and she insists on putting comfort over everything else. A compulsive traveler, she believes ‘to travel is to live’. She has worked with Burberry, Vero Moda, Dior, MAC, Chanel and many other reputed brands. She has her own designer label ‘Cirare’, for which, she takes inspiration from her travels and creates a unique style.You can follow here: @akanksharedhu

Dr. Pallavi Ruhali, yes you heard that right, an epidemiologist by profession, she has a strong followership of over 49,000.Starting off with Instagram; she also has an exclusive blog, where she talks about Lifestyle, makeup DIYs and travel in general. A huge retro fan, she sports a lot of pop colors and vintage glasses. From Max to Adidas, she has a chic sense of style that is bold yet feminine. You can follow her here: @pallaviruhali

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A model, stylist and a creative director, Rhea has an eclectic sense of style that is effortless. Some of her shoots have been picked up by brands like Swarovski, L’Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger etc. She created content for Vogue Eyewear Italy and was one of the six bloggers worldwide to have contributed to Vogue. In her Instagram handle @thegirlfromfuss, she displays fashion that is edgy but elegant. Her blog, ‘Fuss’ is more than just a blog; it showcases freedom of choice and creative expression.

Kritika loves everything fashionable. With a degree in Fashion and Design, she started her online store called ‘the hype’. In her Instagram handle @thatbohogirl she showcases bohemian and free-spirited fashion. Her YouTube channel is as famous as her Instagram handle. She loves high street fashion and her store, ‘the hype’ specializes in giving high street fashion a bohemian twist. Follow her and be a part of the 2,23,000 other followers who get the best  of fashion, lifestyle and makeup trends .

This fashionista from Bangalore is definitely @stylishbynature. She loves luxury and high street fashion equally. In her blog, she covers various topics apart from fashion like food, bollywood and events in the city. A definitive style guide, she takes inspiration from everything around her from movies to nature.

Nikita Bhatia’s Instagram @theshopaholicdiaries is about everyday fashion, shopping and style. She puts up her favorite finds of affordable jewellery, accessories and clothes. From Oppo phones to Zara, her Instagram sees posts on various topics. She regularly features customized posts for curvy readers and easy on the pocket fashion.

@misspinkshoes Sushmita Agarwal is a fashion and lifestyle Instagrammer based out of Chennai. The former Vivel Miss Chennai, showcases everything from fashion to DIY makeup to events in the city. Chic and elegant is her style, and she showcases fashion that is easy on the pocket. From CafĂ© Coffee Day, Zahana and Pheonix Marketcity, she has worked with most of the reputed brands in Chennai.

A finance graduate, Chandhana Munipalle is an active fashion and lifestyle instagrammer from Hyderabad.  In her own words, she is an avid reader and a beachbum. She has worked for brands like Paperboat and Cafecofee Day and VLCC to name a few. You can follow her here: @thegirlatfirstavenue

Ananya Kiran originally from Bangalore, is an active fashion and lifestyle Instagrammer from Seattle, USA. Through her Instagram profile, she gives out amazing fashion and lifestyle tips. From ethnic to western, her fashion is very easy on the pocket. Actively followed by Indians in America, this NRI instagrammer is making heads turn in India as well. You can follow her here @ananyatales

Nischita’s Instagram profile @my_black_skirt says ‘love for street style’ and that is what she showcases too. This Bangalore blogger has worked with popular brands like Forever21 and Lavie. Casual high street fashion is her favorite and she rocks it like no other. Shoes and Handbags feature regularly in her lookbook and so does other accessories like watches and earrings.

From Bangalore to Atlanta, this Instagrammer shares some really amazing fashion and lifestyle tips through her Instagram profile @swatidixit28 and her blog The best thing about her profile is that she effortlessly blends her style into everything she sports. If you want to see some customized and curated fashion shot in stunning locales, you know where to go.

Gone are the days when brands were heavily dependent on Brand ambassadors to communicate,  now they have turned to influencers who  actually use the brand.
Did we miss out on your favorite Fashion and Lifestyle Instagrammer? Please let us know in the comment section, we would love to follow them for some Fashion gyan!

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