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How do I record a live webinar on PC

Have you ever felt like you were about to join an interactive webinar and wanted your team members to be with you? What if you ever need to record an interactive webinar for future references? If yes, then this article will be suitable for you, as we have listed for you effective methods that allow you to record live sessions, lectures or webinars.

Okay, we'll discuss two simple workarounds that will help you record a live webinar without any hassle. First, use only webinar recording software as a webinar host. Second, use the screen recording/video capture tool that lets you record the contents of a live session, video conference, online class, or webinar.

Learn how to record a live webinar on a Windows PC

Let's learn how to record live webinars on Windows PC?

Recording webinars is a relatively simple process and you do not need much technical knowledge to do it.
Workaround 1 – Using Webinar Recording Software
Fortunately, there are several webinar-recording software available in the market. Most of the options shared below are quite affordable and offer substantial free trial periods. For your convenience, we are listing five best webinar recording software that provides a baseline for useful features.

How do I record a live webinar on PC
How do I record a live webinar on PC

1. ezTalks Webinar

It is a final solution, with multiple powerful functionalities like a custom webinar, recorder, instant group video/audio communication, webinar cloud, waiting room, etc.

2. GoToWebinar

Hosting and recording webinars is easier than you think. Just forget the clicks, clutter, and confusion. You need to choose the event date and GoToWebinar will help across services. Create a registration page, host a webinar, or record it; The tool will finish the job in no time.

3. WebEx Webinar

Webinar recording equipment is quite popular in the market. It helps you set up interactive events, live sessions, and webinars ineffectively. It features "recording everything", making it easy to record your live events with just one click.

4. AnyMeeting Webinar

It’s an interesting webinar attending & recording platform. AnyMeeting makes it pretty easy for users to attend & actively participate in webinars on-the-go. Additionally, it features an easy to use recording tool that lets you record the content of the webinar presentation without any hassles.

5. WebinarJam

WebinarJam is an excellent utility to record live webinars in just a few clicks. Additionally, its cloud-based broadcasting technology allows you to reach up to over 5000 people through one presentation. It comes with an ‘Automatic’ recording feature that lets you record webinars effortlessly.

Each of these webinar recording tools comes with their own set of features, advantages, and demerits. You can click on the links mentioned to know more about the utilities.

How do I record a live webinar on PC
How do I record a live webinar on PC

Workaround 2– Using Screen Recorder/Video Capture Software

TweakShot is one of the best screen recording software in terms of usability. It brings flexible settings and excellent capture quality. Video capturing online seminars, Skype calls, presentations, gameplays, live streaming, webinars are no piece of cake for TweakShot – screen capture tool. You can record anything and save it to your PC in popular file formats that can be played on any device.

Using Screen Recorder - Video Capture SoftwareUsing Screen Recorder - Video Capture Software

To screen record webinars using TweakShot, all you have to do is:

STEP 1- Download & install the TweakShot screen capturing tool, using the button below.

STEP 2- Once it’s successfully installed; double-click on the Big Eye icon so that you can access the timeline of features & tools.

STEP 3- TweakShot boasts features like Capture Region, Capture Single Windows, Capture Full Screen, Capture Scrolling Window, Capture Video & a Color Picker. Additionally, it offers several tools to edit screenshots for the desired output.

STEP 4- For recording live webinars, you have to choose the option Capture Video to start the recording.


STEP 5- Now switch to your webinar & hit the Record button. Ensure that your microphone is connected while your system is recording the live session.

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