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Totally Free Best Online Html Form Generators 

If you want to collect data from your customers or users, the best way is to design an online form. These forms can be used to collect a variety of information such as feedback forms, registrations, newsletter sign-ups and even login forms for mobile apps. Created forms must be easy to follow with the maximum and drop-down options and ensure that the user has to type the minimum possible answers manually. Instead of coding each element and creating a form, it is now possible to use an HTML form generator that can do this for you quickly and for free.

Totally Free Best Online Html Form Generators 

1) LiveForms

LiveForms is an amazing online tool that can create colorful online forms and an easy to use interface with a lively template customizer. Users can add more than 20 fields and even add conditional operators to them. All data collected through the liveform can be analyzed and a report generated can help to understand and conclude. This feature makes LiveForms one of the best online HTML form generators.

LiveForms is free to use with limited functionality and allows you to create three forms free of charge and place them on your website with a maximum of 300 responses per month. However, if you want to extend these restrictions, you can always do so in addition to the paid subscriptions to LiveForms, and you'll also get special features like file uploads, support for third-party applications, payment gateways, and group alliance features.

Totally Free Best Online Html Form Generators - CyberSuggest
Totally Free Best Online Html Form Generators - CyberSuggest

2) Cognito Forms

Cognito forms are second on the list of best online HTML form generators. It allows users to create forms and embed them directly on your website. Inputs can be taken from anyone with up to 500 entries and 100 MB of space per month, and for further expansion you can choose the paid subscription that includes electronic signatures.

Cognito Forms allows users to create Stripe and PayPal payment methods on their website and collect payment at a nominal fee of 1%. In addition to the wallet, you can use document merge, file upload, conditional reasoning and email notifications.

3) JotForm

JotForm is one of the best online HTML form creators for small businesses. It has both a free and paid version. The free version offers five features, including unlimited fields and reporting, hosting up to 100 submissions per month, as well as many features like a single payment. The whole interface can be used by drag and drop feature and it has many features like templates, widgets, third party applications and many themes. Once you have designed the form you will be able to publish and share the form and receive an email whenever someone fills in and submits it.

4) Typeform

HTML form generator type form

One of the most interactive online HTML form generators is TypeForm that can be used for creating surveys and contests on a wide scale as the forms work across all devices. Users can design and format a form in their way and at the same time, add custom images and videos.

Once the form is generated, users can set options to get email notifications when a response is generated and even generate reports for the forms. The free version allows you to embed the forms in your website and use ten fields only in a single form.  But one good feature is that you can share data with many apps using Zapier. Paid subscribers can collect payments and even more.

Totally Free Best Online Html Form Generators - CyberSuggest
Totally Free Best Online Html Form Generators - CyberSuggest

5) Wufoo

HTML form generator wufoo

Another free online HTML form creator which is most commonly used is Wufoo which also enables the users to drag and drop fields on canvas.  It also contains 400+ templates to choose from and allows free users to create three forms with limitations of ten fields each. The limitation further continues to the number of entries received which is restricted up to 100.

The forms created for free are simple and sufficient. Still, if you purchase a subscription, then you will get additional features like analytics, advanced reports, payments with PayPal, file uploads in forms and other logical conditions.

6) 123ContactForm

HTML form generator 123contact

If you are looking for a lot of features in a free online HTML form Generator, then 123ContactForm is the one you are looking for. Users can design forms easily and quickly creating customized multi-page forms and use advanced form field enabled others to upload files through the form. The limit for free users is up to five forms which is more than others and restrict the number of fields to 10 and 100 submissions.

The paid version allows the users to avail features like payment integration, report generation and domain aliasing as well as integrate other third-party applications.

7) Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is another product from Zoho, which is quite a popular brand providing software solution across the globe. It offers the users 3 forms with 500 submissions per month, which is many many more than others on this list of free online HTML Form creators. It also allows a 200mb of free space and an unlimited number of reports. The paid plans, of course, offer payment integration and custom templates.

Zoho forms are easy to use with its drag and drop interface and feature email notifications, report generators, customized forms and team collaboration tools, among many other features. Many templates create amazing forms.

Which One Did You Like Form The List Of The Best Free Online Html Form Generators?

There are many online HTML form creators available, but the above listed are the best ones among which I prefer using Zoho Forms. These online forms are cheaper than hiring a web programmer to write code for a specific form. Although you might not get the 100% customization, you require and will have to adjust with these online HTML form generators.



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