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Top 6 Best Canva Alternatives for DIY Graphic Design

There's an old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." And rightly so, with hundreds of beautifully crafted words that can’t be achieved, an impressive figure can do it. So, never miss the opportunity to use interesting pictures to get instant recognition on social networking platforms, as they play an important role in breaking down any promotions, products or even punch-lines that still come out in public or create. Speaking of beautifully designed photos, many thanks to Canvas for being a universal package for creating images for sharing on social networking sites for a long time. But just like anything else, this popular photo editor is no exception. So, whether or not you find the Canvar interface a bit appealing, but can no longer deal with the limited premium model, or think it applies to the cost 12.95 / month high price-tag, these are the 12 best canvas options in a row for you.

The best canvas option in 2020

Not everyone uses any product for the same purpose. In this comprehensive roundup we've put together a variety of use cases such as logo making, banner making, graphic designing, collage making and much more subst and yes, we've also limited the free canvas options to design your social media images without spending a single penny. Can. With these notables in mind, let's scroll!

1. Adobe Spark

At the top of this list is the Adobe Spark, a fully featured canvas alternative from Adobe that offers users a selection of quite a few great features. This image creation / manipulation platform is more focused on automation to get rid of the complex process. As a result, Adobe Spark is a great canvas option for both beginners and professionals who want to double productivity by removing time-consuming steps.

Top 6 Best Canva Alternatives for DIY Graphic Design - cybersuggest
Top 6 Best Canva Alternatives for DIY Graphic Design - cybersuggest

Adobe Spark - Canvas option
Adobe Spark offers all users access to tools that will help them create posts, pages and videos. Of the three, the Adobe Spark post best mirrors the functionality provided by Canvas. Spark Post is available on both mobile and desktop, allowing users to easily create template designs, apply themes to their designs, easily resize text, add animation effects and add branding to their creations.

Adobe Spark
Even better is that Adobe Spark is a free to use alchemy premium upgrade that gives you access to additional features such as adding your own brand design to graphics, creating branded templates, and live phone / chat support. For users who already have a paid Adobe Creative Cloud account, all features of Spark are already included in their subscription.

Plan: Free (with limited functionality); 99 9.99 / month for premium individuals; For teams. 19.99 / month.


2. Easil

Easil is another feature-rich and relatively easy-to-use Canvar option that does a really good job - introduce users to the platform and get acquainted with their core issues from the moment they arrive. The drag-and-drop design tool is extremely easy to use and helps create some dazzling visuals without a little effort. It features a variety of templates to get started without a lot of effort and introduces some advanced features such as layers, design merge and text effects for those who want to take a dig at their designs.

Now if you are concerned that your designs using Ezile templates are also fully visible with those using the platform, you should know that the team is often adding new templates to the lineup, allowing you to stay one step ahead of popular design trends. A great feature is that it allows users to design their own Folders to organize very nicely person, which I am sure that many of you will appreciate, users will kyanabhara Furthermore, the platform delivers high-quality stock images of its own, which sets an added bonus. Considering these notable features, Easel is a top canvas replacement not only for professionals, but also for newborns.

Plan: Free (with limited functionality); Plus 7.50 / month (more templates, advanced editing features, priority support)


3. Snappa

If you’re looking for a canvas replacement for creating stunning social media posts or marketing visuals, you shouldn’t fail to check out Snappa. Unlike Canver, Snappa boasts a fast and easy-to-use interface that will help you design social media creatives that look great in no time. It provides users with a variety of features including a graphic editor, a huge library of visual resources, high-quality templates and much more.

4. BeFunky

If you’ve been in the social media marketing game for a long time, you may already know that the mobile version of BeFunky (both iOS and Android) is quite popular. But did you know that the web version of Befunki is equally popular? Basically thanks to so many smart editing tools, it can easily claim as a canvas alternative for safe use. It has three modes: Photo Editor, Collage Maker and Designer. You can play with the first two for any purpose, but you will need the third to create interesting social media images.

Unlike canvas, where all the available design elements are blended together, Befanki categorizes them according to themes (travel, food, holidays). This makes it much easier to find the right material for your current project. BeFunky lets you save pictures made without registration to your computer, but you need to create an account for any serious work. Then, you'll be able to save images to Facebook, Google Drive and Dropbox, as well as share them with your social media profile. Long story short, Befunkki replaces an ideal canvas to create beautiful looking social media images without dealing with complexity.

Plan: Free (including ads, limited to 125 photo effects); Pro $ 6.99 / month (high-resolution photos, additional graphics and effects)


5. Designar

Designer is an app that with lots of smart tools helps it rise above the competition and even outperform the canvas on multiple fronts. If you've used Canvas before, you won't have any unpleasant surprises: you select the elements in the sidebar on the left and edit the photo in the main area on the right. This is where you will notice the ruler - a helpful little addition that makes it easy to compose your image.

Another area of ​​expertise in matching Designer Canva is file format support. It can work with PSD, PDF and PPT files and import images directly from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox and Google Drive. Once your image is finished, you can download it as a JPG, PNG, or PDF file, share it on social media or via email, and even get an embed code for your website.

Designer 2
In addition to templates for social media titles and posts, Designer provides templates for Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. You can use it in a browser, or download mobile apps (for iOS and Android) for editing running photos.

Plan: Free (with limited functionality); Premium 9.99 / month (additional templates, custom fonts, brand kit support, PDF support, storage)

Top 6 Best Canva Alternatives for DIY Graphic Design - cybersuggest
Top 6 Best Canva Alternatives for DIY Graphic Design - cybersuggest

6. Stencil

For those who hate wasting time on wheel recovery, stencils seem to be a great canvas alternative. With a single focus to increase productivity, the photo editor cuts all the ways to rotate around, not like the canvas, making social media images a blueprint. As you can already guess, the interface with a familiar left-to-right workflow is clean and simple. You can try Stencil without registration, but you need an account to save the changes. There are also browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


If I could limit this review to just five great things about stencils, here’s what I would point out. First, it provides templates for advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. Second, it provides Creative Commons-licensed images and icons that you can use on commercial projects without having to worry about copyright. Plus, you don't have to pay for each individual image you want to use - instead, you can pay only once and get the whole package with literally thousands of design materials.

The stencil before you post your image gives you a live preview of exactly how it will look after you post it. Last but not least, thanks to Buffer Integration, you can schedule social media posts from Stencil. Doesn't that look great?

Plan: Free (10 images per month, 10 favorites); Pro $ 9 / month (50 images per month, 100 favorites); Unlimited $ 12 / month (as many favorites and images as you want)

7. Fotojet

Fotojet looks and feels like a mix of canvas and befunky but seems to work a lot better than both (at least in my web browsers). The design elements are nicely divided into sections, and if the content provided by Photojet isn't good enough for you, the search option is right there to help you find more. Clipart editing options are well detailed and you can change the color and clarity of the design elements of your image.



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