10 Best Video Editing Software

Top 10 Best Video Editing Software To Use In 2021

Getting hands-on great video editing tools is not an easy feat when there are plenty of alternative options available in the market, all boasting excellent features and advanced add-ons. Freeware solutions can make it difficult to separate the wheat from hay. Whether YouTubers are interested in editing your videos at a professional level or as an experienced editor, these programs can help you create high-quality content. Below is a list of the best paid and free video editing utilities for pro and advanced users.

10 Best Video Editing Software

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a perfect combination of video editing features that ensure you can produce cutting-out output in line with industry standards. It ensures precise selections and shows new differences in real-time. Using this professional video editing software, you can improve granular videos, clear hashes, remix music, and much more. You can trim your videos, combine clips, photos, titles, and more to create stunning visuals and slideshows. Additionally, you can create cool double exposure videos, create dynamic time-lapse videos, transfer Luma fade, and much more. This makes it an on-the-go video editor software for advanced and professional users.

2. Wondershare FilmoraGo

Wondershare Filmora Go provides everything you need to edit on the go. The app is packed with all the necessary and advanced tools for trimming filters, overlays, titles, rotate, delete, and much more. It has an easy-to-handle timeline that makes it easy for mobile video editors to create music and other elements from the built-in library effortlessly to create stunning content. The app is often used by Instagrammers to create eye-catching videos for their target audience. The app's 'Easy Mode' eliminates the hassle of handling large-scale video, allowing you to drag and drop video clips, add music and create fine videos in minutes.

3. Lightworks Pro

Lite Works Pro is a great option if you want to get started in the world of video editing. The tool is easy to use and provides a complete mix of editing functionality for cutting, trimming, merging video clips, words, images and other multimedia content. Among all the benefits of standard video editing software for Pro users, Light Works Pro gives you the ability to edit and polish videos and entire movies in a number of formats, including 2K, 4K, Paul, NTSC, and high definition. It has a rich and user-friendly interface, which makes it one of the top professional video editing programs.

4. HitFilm Pro

Hitfilm Pro is a great professional video editor for creating incredible content and stunning VFX. It’s a well-known choice that comes with the perfect mix of editing tools, composer, 800+ VFX, pre-set and tons of animation tools. If your project claims to combine a plethora of elements from multiple sources in a single interface, consider Hitfilm Pro without a doubt. Its particle engine allows 2D simulation and full 3D effects (including gun shots and hyperdrive filters).

10 Best Video Editing Software

5. Sony Vegas Pro

Are you into the gaming or sports industry? Choose Sony Vegas Pro as your final choice. Video editing software for professionals is easy to operate and it works well on both PCs and laptops. It features an intuitive dashboard for high-quality results. You can enjoy lots of features to create special effects like 3D titles and also use it to copyright your discs. Most professionals rely on the Sony Vegas Pro to create industry-leading video montages.

6. CyberLink PowerDirector 19 Ultimate

This is another popular video editing software for professionals to consider for YouTube and other platforms. CyberLink offers affordable subscription plans packed with advanced features for multi-cam editing, motion tracking, 360-degree video editing, and much more. If you are looking forward to making quick videos for your work, this provides a mini-program among professional video editors hidden inside Easy Editor. It's known as the Magic Movie Wizard and helps you automatically merge photographs and video clips in minutes.

7. DaVinci Resolve 17

Davinci is a notable video editing program for professionals. It has a large number of post-production modules for high-quality video and audio editing. Additionally, it has the functionality of color correction, motion graphics and video effects. Its color correction tool is advanced enough that you can adjust a selected part or the whole video according to your needs and requirements. Unlike most professional video editors, Davinci offers a plethora of premium filters, 2D and 3D workspaces and tools for creating and creating particle effects.

8. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a popular and one of the most serious players in the video editing department. The option is quite popular in the market and has been used to edit countless Hollywood movies. YouTubers like Jonathan Morrison, Austin Evans, I Justin, Marcus Brownlee, and many more rely on Final Cut Pro to edit videos. Final Cut Pro X is a top video editor for professionals who like to work within the Apple ecosystem as it works very easily with iTunes and the collection of photos. The video editing program includes 4K, 360-degree and HDR support.

9. Splice By GoPro

Splice by GoPro is a great choice when it comes to editing professional videos right at your fingertips. It provides an extensive library of musical tracks that can be placed in the background to give your video a subtle melody. Like most video editing apps, it has standard apps for trimming, cutting, integrating, moving and customizing photo and video snippets. Provides plenty of options to create. You can finally add title slides, text overlays, and custom outros to make the videos more interesting.

10. OpenShot

OpenShot Video Editor is a cross-platform editing program that is easy to use and provides a great feature to help amateurs quickly learn basic video editing and professional users to create professional videos. Users can easily adjust the video size, length, color, text and other elements. Users have dedicated animation and keyframe features that help them implement transitions such as fading, sliding, bouncing and animating an object from their video. Most students use the free video editor program to provide amazing 3D animations for their school projects.

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