Best Free War Games For Android

Top 7 Best Free War Games For Android To Play Online & Offline

The game of war was first introduced by Johann Christian Ludwig Helwig in the 1780s. He created a game called CraigSpill, which translates to eh ‘war games. It was created to teach military tactics to officers in Prussia. It's been a century now, and we're here in the digital world, where every game is digital now, with amazing graphics for multiple platforms and devices, background scores. However, fighting games are still a favorite genre of gaming for many as they basically fall into the category of strategy games. And, available for Android devices, as mobile phones are becoming a new gaming platform for most gamers.

Talking about war games and Android devices, let's take a look at some of the best free war games to play online/offline for Android.

The best free war games for Android offline

Top 7 Best Free War Games For Android To Play Online/Offline
Top 7 Best Free War Games For Android To Play Online/Offline

1. Gun War: Shooting Games

It's a free shooting and fighting game to play on Android offline. The story is of a battlefield where the zombie attack took place. The army has gone on foot to save humanity and is ready to face any consequences. Just aim at your enemy and blow the brains to lead you to victory.

2. World at Arms

This is one of the best fighting games to play on Android offline, where you have to plan your forces to fight against KRA, the invading army, which plans to take over the whole world. You can show your skill and strength to delete KRA in single promotion mode.

3. Battle Empire: Rome War Game

War Empire, a war game set in the Roman era. It is a quest game, where you can build your own city, manage everything, small huts, commercial buildings and resources. There are different types of coins to buy assets, such as wood, stone, metal, gold coins and diamonds.

4. Zombie Anarchy: Survival Strategy Game

This is an offline action-strategy zombie game omb for android it lets you unlock individual characters with their unique ability to defend against hoards. Later, in the game you can unlock the mini zombie game to earn extra rewards. Do not allow enemies to attack your base.

Top 3 Best Free War Games For Android Online

1. Clash of Clans

At the top of the list of the best fighting games for Android online is Clash of Clans, a strategy fighting game that lets you build your city with available resources. Clash of Clans is available for free with the purchase of some apps. Gather resources and build your base. Deploy your army of wizards and kings and capture the enemy clan to stay on top.

2. March of Empires: War of Lords

This free war game for Android is a masterpiece of Gameloft. The game is set up in the Middle Ages, where you come out to kill enemies to conquer kingdoms. Choose between different armies, such as the Highland King, a Northern Tsar, or the Desert Sultan, each with a different play style.

3. Army of Heroes

This game is an action and strategy game for Android devices. Fight against millions of action enemies in the game 'Fight, Destroy and Defend' with the motto of the game. Train your army to defeat potential enemies who come to capture your base. Build your outpost region the strongest to save your kingdom and conquer the world.

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