Best Tricks To Locate Someone Through WhatsApp

Best Tricks To Locate Someone Through WhatsApp

While this may sound crazy, considering the safety of your child or partner, tracking WhatsApp's location is quite effective. Instant Communication Platform itself provides a "Share your location" feature that allows users to pass on their current location to their friends, family, or colleagues. One of the easiest ways to ensure your loved one is safe. Users can share this location for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours, but the method will only work efficiently if you do not reject another person's location-sharing request.

Best Tricks To Locate Someone Through WhatsApp
Best Tricks To Locate Someone Through WhatsApp

How do you track someone's location via WhatsApp without them knowing?

While using WhatsApp Tracker can be an easy solution to locate someone, other methods can also be technical.

Method 1: Track the location of WhatsApp with KidsGuard Pro

You can easily track the location using this third party solution. The application is based on sophisticated GPS location technology, you can be assured of accurate location detection. The app is available for Android users and boasts the following features:

Track location from its general dashboard remotely without notifying the user.

Since KidsGuardPro is hidden on the target device, tracing location becomes easier and more accurate.

You can check the location in real-time and re-check the previously visited places without any hassle.

There is no technical knowledge to use this WhatsApp tracker. Install the app like any other normal app and configure it all at once.

Honestly, the GPS locator app costs a few bucks but the results are guaranteed. To start using KidsGuard Pro, follow these steps:

Step 1- Sign up for your account and buy a plan.

Step 2- Now, take the accessory target device and download this WhatsApp tracker to their device using the official website. Follow the instructions on the main dashboard to set up and configure the GPS locator app.

Step 3- The KidsSuuard Pro application icon will disappear as soon as you do this. This happens to make sure that the target does not catch the eye

Step 4- Now login to your account and from the online dashboard, go to the location section from the left panel. A map view window will appear with the location visible to you.

Additionally, you can use its premium features to track messages, activities and more. Proceed using their live demo to see what all these WhatsApp trackers have to offer.

Method 2: Track the location of WhatsApp with MPS

MPS is another great WhatsApp tracker application designed specifically to locate your loved one. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users. MSPS lets you easily track the location of the cell phone remotely. In addition, it provides great insight into various aspects of the device. Note: You need to have a rooted device to use MPS WhatsApp Tracker. Most GPS locator applications work the same way, so you can use MDCT the way you used KidGuard Pro.

Method 3: Track the location of WhatsApp using the command prompt

Before we start the step-by-step process of tracking someone’s location on WhatsApp, note that identifying someone through a command prompt doesn’t apply to everyone. Moreover, you need to be the very technician to apply the method and avoid scams.

The method will only work on the WhatsApp web, following the steps below to find someone's location.

Step 1- Launch WhatsApp Web on your PC and start chatting with the IP address you want to track and get.

Step 2 - Remember to close all running background applications except the browser you are running. Press CTRL + ALT + Delete to launch the Task Manager.

Step 3 - Now hold down the Windows + R button on your keyboard to launch the Run window. Open the command prompt and execute the following commands.

Step 4- Now carefully enter the IP address displayed on your screen. 

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