5 Best Task Manager Apps for Android

Top 5 Best Task Manager Apps for Android 

A task manager application can be synonymous with a task killer. Basically, it's the primary job to perform. Many applications run in the background of our Android cells. These include a number of essential, social media sources and many apps for navigating the system that consume heavy battery e which is why they usually face problems like low battery life. This is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a cell phone in itself.

Top 5 Best Task Manager Apps for Android
5 Best Task Manager Apps for Android

1. Greenify

Flash those battery-consuming apps that are hidden on your smartphone. Delete the files in this cache and get yourself a fast-powered phone in Greenify. This app works wonders on older devices and newer ones. It keeps those applications in hibernation that consume a lot of battery life and hard memory. Hibernating can be sorted between regular applications and long-use applications such as alarms or date and time calendars. It is definitely a task manager application for Android smartphones.

2. Advanced Task Killer

Best of all, this app is by far the best task manager app for Android. It alone can speed up one's phone, improve the battery life of the smartphone and even clear the cache. You can choose which apps need to be killed or which can be discounted by its 'Ignore List'. Similarly, with ‘one tap widget’ we save a lot of battery power. ‘Auto Kill’ is a shortcut suitable for use once the initial setup arrives so that we can get our desired setting with the click of a button.

3. Advanced Task Manager

This app ensures that someone has the option to kill running tasks, create free memory space on the device, increase the speed of the smartphone, save its battery life. All this with one tap of the phone. It works on all the basic features and gives users a flawless, phone to work with.

4. Task Killer

This application provides exactly as its name. This kills the work going on in the background by increasing the battery life of the answering phone. This is made possible by a single click. In addition, each one will see the memory usage of each application and then sort them into their lists according to the choice of killing the application or adding them to the ignore list. One must have application on all Android devices, this task killer provides real sense.

5. All-In-One Toolbox

While there are plenty of runs in box task management and mobile speed both applications, very few people provide a variety of services, such as naming, like the All in One toolbox. It provides user services such as cache cleaning, CPU cooler, batch app installer and uninstaller, backup and restore, app lock and QR and barcode scanning. This application optimizes your device with a single tap of the screen izes It may be the last application in the list of best task manager applications for Android but it is no less.

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