What­sApp Chat Archive Feature

Top 10 Best Information on What­sApp Chat Archive Feature

Almost everyone who has access to mobile internet uses WhatsApp. Since its inception, WhatsApp has introduced many amazing features that support millions of messages as you read this post. How many people hold this conversation? You can lose them instantly if your phone crashes or you lose it by then.

Top 10 Best Information on What­sApp Chat Archive Feature
What­sApp Chat Archive Feature

1. What happens when you archive a chat

If you use the archive feature in Gmail or Instagram, you should be familiar with it. On WhatsApp, the chat results archive the same thing - the conversation is displayed where the chat disappears from the main window. You can save and access the archive at any time.

Note: When you archive a chat thread, the chat is hidden but not deleted.

2. What can you save?

You can archive individual and group chats. However, you need to archive the entire chat thread. You cannot archive a single message or media file in the chat.

3. You can receive messages from archived chats

Yes. Once you have a chat archive it just hides it from the original view and nothing else. So if you get a new message in the archived chat, you will be notified about it and the thread of the same conversation will reappear in the original list. In other words, it automatically becomes archived.

4) The chat notifies the other person

WhatsApp does not notify the other person if you archive the conversation. Even if you delete a chat, the other person will not know.

5. Effect on the online status

A chat archive does not affect your online status. If you're online, you'll also be shown online in archived chats.

6. How to find out if someone has archived your chat

Not possible, my dear friend. There is no way to know if someone has put your chat in their archive.

7. How to archive a chat

To archive a chat on Android, tap hold on the chat then press the archive icon from the options at the top.

Swipe from right to left of the chat to archive a chat on the iPhone. Then tap Archive. On the WhatsApp web, hover your mouse over a chat. Then click the down arrow and hit the archive chat.

8. All chat archives

If you want to clear your inbox completely without deleting chats, you can archive all chats at once. The feature is only available on Android and iPhone.


Step 1: Open WhatsApp and tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner. Select settings.

Step 2: Tap on Chat then Chat History.

Step 3: Tap All Chat Archive.


Step 1: Open WhatsApp and go to Settings tab.

Step 2: Tap Chat then follow all chat archives.

9. Find archived chats

Can't find the archived chats? Don't worry. It is possible that you are simply looking in the wrong places. To view archived chats on Android, open WhatsApp and scroll to the bottom of the chats screen. Here you will find an option that will give you access to all your archived chats.

On the iPhone, go to the Chats tab and you can make the chats archived at the top. Tap it to see archived chats. On the WhatsApp web, click the three-dot icon and select Archive from the menu.

10. Reveal WhatsApp Chat

Go to the Archives section below to disable the archive on Android. Then tap and hold the chat you want to archive. Once selected, tap the Unarchive option. This will bring the chat back to the inbox.

On the iPhone, once you've moved to the Archive chat screen, swipe from right to left in the chat you want to save the archive. Then tap Unarchive.

Similarly, on the WhatsApp web, go to the Archives section. Then hover your mouse over the outark you want to archive. Click the down arrow and select Archive.

How to Delete archived chats

There are no special steps on Android to delete the archived chat. All you have to do is go to the archive section and save the conversation you want to delete. Then tap on the Delete icon. You will get a pop-up. Select OK to confirm.

On the WhatsApp web, go to the Archives section. Tap the down arrow next to Chat and click Delete Chat. Confirm in the pop-up menu.

To delete archived chats on iPhone, swipe from right to left in archived chats and click more. From the menu, select Delete.

Final Words

The archive feature is only used to hide messages from your main list. You can archive the chat and get it back. But things are not the same as deleting, which is a permanent step. Once you have deleted a thread, there is no direct way to bring it back, but a few workspaces exist. So be careful and choose wisely

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