How To Send Large Videos On WhatsApp

How To Send Large Videos On WhatsApp From Android and iPhone

Did you know that you can send a large file to WhatsApp and it becomes very easy to share? Since most people use the messaging service as a platform for communication and sharing. Today in this post, we want to tell you about how you can send larger files to WhatsApp. Various solutions on how to send long videos on WhatsApp. The threshold for sending files via WhatsApp varies with the device you are using. Android is allowed to send a 100 MB file, whereas an iPhone can do 128 MB. However, when it comes to video, the limit for application is up to 16MB. So what do we do when we have to send large video files. The answer to how to send large videos on WhatsApp lies in the different methods used by people.

How To Send Large Videos On WhatsApp From Android and iPhone
How To Send Large Videos On WhatsApp

1. Video compression method

Here we want to tell you how to send long videos to WhatsApp in video compression mode. This will require the use of a video compression application or website. In simple steps, you need to convert the video to the app and share it with WhatsApp contacts.

Step 1: To ensure the privacy of our media files, we recommend using a video compression application. So download an app for your smartphone, Google Play Store for Android and Appstore for iPhone.

Step 2: Upload the video you want to share in a video compression application.

Step 3: Click on the required video compression size which should be up to 16MB.

Step 4: Download the abbreviated video file.

Step 5: Now share this video with your contacts on WhatsApp.

2. Use the File app for iPhone

Now if you are wondering how to send long video to WhatsApp with File app. Here are some easy steps to follow to send large video files as documents up to 100 MB file size.

Step 1: Let's start sending the long app to the file app. Open the Photos app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select a video and select it by long pressing. You will find sharing options in the panel below.

Step 3: Tap the Save to Files option to save the video to the Files app.

Step 4: Now, it will open a new tab for you to choose iCloud Drive and tapping on it will show you more options. Save the file to Downloads and close this tab.

This step takes your files from the Photos app to a specific location on iCloud.

Step 5: Now open WhatsApp and select the contact with whom you want to share the video file.

Step 6: As soon as you tap on the attachment icon you will get multiple options; Usually you have to go to the gallery to attach the media file. However, here you tap on documents to share video files in the File application.

Step 7: Select the video from the same location from the File app and click Send.

Step 8: The video will now be sent as a document and it limits it to 100MB on WhatsApp.

3. Send as a document on Android

Like the option used on the iPhone, large video files can be sent as documents to WhatsApp for Android devices. All you have to do is go to the internal storage, browse for the files and select them to share on WhatsApp. Follow these steps to learn how to send large files to WhatsApp on Android as a document.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and go to Chat Conversation. Tap the attachment icon and then select Documents.

Step 2: This will open the latest documents on your Android device. If the video file you want to send appears in this list, select it from here or tap Browse other docs.

Step 3: Go to the correct location of the saved file or slide the Late panel and just tap on the video. It will show you all the videos saved on your Android device. Here, locate your large video file and select it.

4. Use Google Drive -

Using Google Drive to share long videos on WhatsApp is another solution. Since Android phones are equipped with the Google Drive app, sharing files is much easier. You can also download the app for your iPhone. Get the app on your smartphone if you want to learn how to send big videos to WhatsApp with Google Drive. All you have to do is get a Google Account and then get started with your Google Drive account. Upload a large video file to Google Drive and share the link to the video on WhatsApp.

5. Use GBWattsapp

This method can help you maximize the size of the video file. The GBWuts app is a mod app that brings a lot of changes to the original app. It works just like the original WhatsApp but has a lot of features that are user friendly. Similarly, one of them is sending long video files through messenger. Since most people are not familiar with other methods for sharing files, they prefer the simpler application on their smartphones. Solve the problem of why you can't get the Gbblot WhatsApp and how to send large video files.

We hope you understand how to post great videos on WhatsApp with the help of this post. It is possible to share long videos in different ways. For a quick fix, you can use to send the video as a document from Android or iPhone. Another way is to compress the video and then share it. Both methods work great and can be used depending on the user's criteria.

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