Best Games For 4GB RAM PC

Top 16 Best Games For 4GB RAM PC - No Graphics Card Required 

PC gaming is the choice of all gigs out Although not everyone has the opportunity to play with the best graphic support with a high graphics PC, here is a list of the best games for 4GB RAM that can be played on your device without a graphics card. PC gaming has a special place in our hearts and cannot be replaced by any other device. Most of the PC games you read have been playing for a long time and a few games on the list are popular. However, if you are a low-PC user, these games are suitable for you and can be enjoyed on PC without any dedicated graphics card.

Remember that you need to change your graphics and other settings of the game to maximize the performance and results of each game. Most games will not run on high or even medium graphics because everything needs to be brought down for the best performance of all games. To make sure you don't miss your games, we've compiled a list of the best games for 4GB of RAM to make sure your low-budget PC gives you a good time.

Also, the download links will be from official sites because we do not support piracy of games. The developers put a lot of effort and time behind the games and everyone is advised to support them by buying copies of the games officially.

Top 16 Best Games For 4GB RAM PC - No Graphics Card Required
Best Games For 4GB RAM PC

1. Assassins Creed II

This is the first of the EGO collection trilogies. It begins with the Italian-born popular character Egio Auditoro da Firange and later joins the heroes to fight the Templars for independence. The game depicts how from a total fool, he became one of the most powerful assassins in the world. This part goes back to our Italy and back to the 1400s during the Italian Renaissance.

2. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

This is the second version of the EGO collection that brings great changes to our game, multiplayer mode. This is the first game in the Assassins Creed Legacy to feature multiplayer mode and it had 8 modes to employ players worldwide although although players will not see people active in multiplayer mode, the story mode is still appropriate.

3. Assassins Creed: Revelations

This is the last version of the EGO collection trilogy. It features an aging EGO auditor da firenage with the most powerful weapons and an upgrade on regular hand blades. The rest has some multiplayer changes but the story has three characters that involve multiple things in the game.

4. Far Cry (2004)

This is the first version of the Far Cree series that was launched for PC in 2004. The game became so popular that it sold thousands of copies in just a few months and sold 2.4 million copies in a lifetime. It has different modes, strategies that users can use to interact with the environment. While the story may seem a bit old for now, the gameplay is still good for low-PC users.

5. Battlefield 3

It is a first-person shooter that was popular before the game started in the market. The game was in demand by gamers worldwide at one million copies after being pre-ordered. It includes promotions and multiplayer to engage players with the best graphics of the era. The game was the best-selling game in 2011 when it was launched. As the name implies, it runs military-related storytelling with plenty of parks.

6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 

The last game in the Modern Warfare series, Call of Duty has been a favorite game of every gamer at a certain time in his life. This game broke all previous records that were achieved by other predecessors in the COD series. The story is based on similar special ops and military-related killings against a Russian terrorist.

7. DOTA 2

A Moba (Multiple Online battle arena) based game developed by Valve is now the most played game in the gaming industry. This game has a 5V5 mode between two teams that set up a base and fight each other and defend their base to claim the ultimate victory. While this is not a piece of cake for everyone and it can be free for everyone, the game has a learning episode that takes time to master.

8. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA has been a part of our lives since the 1990s when Grand Theft Auto was introduced. In 2004, it became one of the most popular games and also considered the best-selling game of all time. Within 24 hours of its launch, the game sold more than 500,000 copies as the fastest-selling game of all time. The story features Miami mobs and gang wars.

9. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 

Its predecessor is another successor to GTA: Vice City, this game still stands as the best-selling PS2 game of all time. The 1980s and 1990s featured stories, gang wars and war scandals in Los Angeles. Missing the previous version of GTA Games This game is a huge upgrade compared to the previous one which supports many new features.

10. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Valve has given some good games for the users to enjoy and one of the best games is CSGO. The game is popular because of the multiplayer version. Players can connect with each other globally for competitive matchmaking. The game saw the rise of many e-sports players and the era of online gaming has taken a huge hit since the game was launched.

11. Far Cry 2

The second version of the sequel to Far Kriya was launched 4 years after the first part, with some success within a year of launch. The game sold more than 3 million copies by January 2009. It follows the original story of a drug-addicted victim. The gameplay is an FPS that gives players a deeper experience of the game.

12. Far Cry 3

A third and of course upgrade compared to the previous version of the Far Cree series. Ubisoft has done a great job here to make the graphics of the game realistic. This game features a pirate story when a group of friends captures some pirates who think they own this land. The main character later becomes the top assassin whose purpose is to kill the leader of the pirates.

13. Max Payne

Another popular title initiated and developed by Rockstar Games, this title was popular among selected gamers because it was not an open-world story game. It revolved around an LAPD detective who investigates the murder of his wife and child throughout the scene.

14. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 1

This title is specific to players who want to dive deeper into snipping games. This is one of the premium snipping games where you need to be a clever and clean killer. The elements required for a game to be perfect are bullet trajectory, wind speed and so on.

15. Prototype

Unlike other games, this is an open-world adventure game with a different storyline. The game had a lot of critics about its originality and it got a lot of popular reviews in the market. The game begins in Manhattan with a character named Alex Meyer, who realizes that he wakes up in the middle of a plug after realizing that shaping and other special powers and abilities that he can claim in the memory of others, leaving his own memory behind.

16. Prototype 2

A year after previous incidents in Manhattan, the story continues when a U.S. Marine Sergeant James Heller investigated the murder of his wife and daughter who became infected with Alex Mercer and the two discussed resolving the case at once. He later realized that Mercer had become the main villain in the game.

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