Top 5 Best Windows 10 Weather Widgets On PC

Top 5 Best Windows 10 Weather Widgets On PC

Regular weather monitoring is not an interesting activity, but it is definitely necessary. There are several ways to keep a check on the current weather and use Windows 10 Widget in one of them. Unfortunately, after Windows After, the weather feature has been removed, but if you want to use it, it doesn't have a chance to work.

Let's explore some of the best weather widgets for Windows 10, but before you explore the cool options to try, you must first learn how to find these weather widgets on your PC. Windows 10 Since the option to have widgets like Windows 7 is no longer a feature, you need to install a third-party utility to use your desktop in widgets. These third-party apps are called Windows Gadgets.

Top 5 Best Windows 10 Weather Widgets On PC
Best Windows 10 Weather Widgets

1. M’s Black Glass Weather

There is a reason for the name 'Black Glass' in this Windows 10 Weather Widget. The widget has a transparent black background. That way, it doesn't completely cover anything on your desktop. It shows you the temperature as well as the correct weather conditions. Once you expand the widget, you go ahead with the forecast for the day and the rest of the week. It displays a summary of the forecast for a better understanding.

2. AccuWeather

Aquaweida is a prominent name for finding out about upcoming weather forecasts and situations. Thanks, the designers also offer a bit-sized Windows Weather widget that is effective in facilitating five-day forecasting. Once you have downloaded this weather widget, you need to specify your location to know the exact weather conditions. As a widget shows AquaWider for current temperature and comprehensive forecast, you can open the widget and you will be redirected to their website.

3. Chameleon Weather

This is one of the easiest and most effective weather widgets on this list. It has more to do with the weather in your city and more than high / low. Once you've installed this Windows widget, search your city in Settings and the rest will be done automatically. The Chameleon Weather Widget automatically brings forecasts for your region. This is a small set of applications with a calendar, internet connection indicator, hard disk free space pointer and you can start PC and manage shutdown from here.

4. My Weather

Want a Windows 10 widget that shows a detailed forecast directly on your desktop? Okay, my weather widget is the perfect choice to install. The graphics are great, and you can get all the details you need at first glance. You can enlarge the Windows 10 desktop widget to see three-day forecasts with humidity, wind speed, temperature and more. Additionally, you get lots of customization options with My Weather Widget to change the background color, text and look of the widget.

5. Sunlight World Map

If you are curious as to which part of the earth is sitting in the sunlight, or which part is bathing in the moonlight, the weather widget you need to install on your PC right now. It shows a picture of the world, you can see some areas will be illuminated while others will fade. The illuminated area indicates the day and similarly, the night area indicates the end of the day. This widget comes easily for people who want to call someone far away and do not want to consider calling during the week.

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