Fix YouTube Black Screen Issue on Android TV

Top 7 Steps to Fix YouTube Black Screen Issue on Android TV

Watching YouTube videos is a favorite pastime for many people. Ever since the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic hit the world, people are now streaming more video content online than ever before. However, several users face black screen issues in the YouTube app for Android TV. This problem prevents you from watching videos because the Android TV screen turns black. Some users reported listening to audio without any visuals.

Steps to Fix YouTube Black Screen Issue on Android TV
Fix YouTube Black Screen Issue on Android TV

1. Restart your Android TV

If anyone encounters such issues with their device, it will be restarted first. Here, if no visuals are running for you on the YouTube app, it is advisable to restart your TV.

The re-start arranges the Android TV to give you a break from constant work. So, restart your Android TV and check if it solves the problem.

2. Check the internet connection

Another important thing that people miss to check is whether their internet is working properly. Often, due to an unruly internet connection, the YouTube app is misused.

Moreover, if the internet connection is not good, YouTube will not load video content and will often show you a black screen. Therefore, if you feel a hiccup on YouTube, you should check the speed and reliability of your internet connection.

3. Login again

Android TV users have reported that re-logging into the YouTube app has worked for them. When the YouTube app is open, select your profile picture (top left) to view your account page. Next, select your account and click on it to see the sign out option.

Once logged out, go to the homescreen of the YouTube app. Navigate to the left side of the screen and click on the Sign In option at the top.

4. Check if YouTube is working on other devices

Another option is to check if YouTube is working on other devices including your smartphone, tablet, laptop. If you have trouble running YouTube on those devices, this could be great because YouTube servers are having some problems. Several websites like DowDetector, Outage Report, Is It Down Doubt can tell if any service is currently facing any problem.

5. Reset the YouTube app

Resetting the YouTube app can also help solve this problem. App cache or temporary files sometimes conflict with app performance. Fortunately, the YouTube Android TV app has a built-in reset feature.

Note that resetting the YouTube app will clear your settings, connected devices, and log you out of the app. Here are the steps to reset the YouTube Android TV app:

Step 1: Go to the menu on the left and press Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and locate the Reset App option.

Step 3: Double click the reset button to reset the app.

6. Reinstall the app

The YouTube app cannot be completely uninstalled from Android TV, as it is a system app. But you can try uninstalling app updates and reinstalling the latest version of the app. This forces the YouTube app to fix some issues that may arise due to improper installation.

7. Update the firmware of Android TV

Like any app update, you should keep your Android TV firmware updated. While Android TV doesn't get that many updates, it does get a few security patch updates. So, look at such updates because they can solve such problems.

Step 1: Go to Settings menu.

Step 2: Then click on Device Preferences.

Step 3: Now, select the About option.

Step 4: Finally, select the System Update option.

Android TV will start looking for new updates on its server. If a new update is available, simply download and install it.

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