How To Add Accents and Sym­bols

How to Add Accents and Sym­bols When Typ­ing on Win­dows 10

The number of keys on a typical English keyboard is between 80 - 100. Due to the limited size of the keyboard, it is impossible to fit all possible representations of the alphabet and symbols on them.

How to add accents and symbols to Windows feature images

However, this does not mean that when you have to type a word with pronunciation or need certain symbols to mean something, you cannot do it. In Windows 10, there are four ways to include accents and symbols when typing. We explain them below:


Adding symbols and symbols using Windows Character Map

Windows Character Map contains an array of characters and symbols in various existing and extinct languages. Here's how to add accents and symbols using character maps.

Step 1: From the Start menu, turn on the character map.

Step 2: After launching the character map, click the drop-down next to the font and select the symbol or character for the font type you want to view.

Step 3: After selecting the font, browse to the characters shown and click on the accented letter of your choice.

Step 4: Click Select, and the character you want to copy will appear in the box next to the character.

Step 5: Click Copy to save the selected character to your clipboard.

Step 6: In your Word processing document or any interface, press the CTRL + V key on your keyboard to paste the copied letter.

Adding accent marks to text in Microsoft Word

If you already have pre-typed text in Microsoft Word, you can add accents to them. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Place your cursor to the right of the letter where the accent mark is required.

Step 2: Click the Insert tab at the top left of the ribbon.

Step 3: Select the drop-down next to the symbol at the top right of the ribbon.

Step 4: Select more symbols.

Step 5: In the dialog box, select the Symbols tab at the top left.

Step 6: Select the Font dropdown menu and select the same font type as your Word document. Doing so ensures that the symbol you choose matches the current font.

Step 7: Select the subset dropdown menu and select the diacritical marks adjustment.

Step 8: From the symbols that appear, click on the accent mark you need.

Step 9: Click Insert and then close the dialog box. You should have an accent mark on the initially selected character.

Adding accent marks and symbols using the alt codes

Each letter in Windows has a unique ASCII code. This code is also known as ALT code. You can use the code to type in the document processor to display the corresponding accented character. However, you should know the ALT code for the letter you need.

Step 1: Place your cursor where you need the accented character.

Note: Make sure that the name lock on your keyboard is turned on or will not work when using this method. If you don't have a number pad on your keyboard, you can ignore it.

Step 2: Hold down the ALT key and enter the ALT code for the character you need.

Step 3: Release the ALT key and the corresponding character appears.

Note: You can see ASCII codes for accents and symbols on the Windows character map.

Adding Accent Marks using English International Keyboard

Another way to add accents and symbols to Windows 10 is to use the English International Keyboard. However, this requires installing the keyboard and switching on it while typing. Here's how:

Step 1: Search for language settings in the Start menu and turn it on.

Step 2: Under Preferred Languages, click the plus sign next to Add a Preferred Language.

Step 3: Search and select English (United States). Click Next.

Step 4: Click Install to install the keyboard.

Step 5: After installing the keyboard, click on it and select Options.

Step 6: Under the Keyboard group, click Add a keyboard.

Step 7: Scroll down and select USA-International. After doing this, you will see this keyboard at the bottom of your keyboard list.

Step 8: The keyboard is now available, you can switch between typing by pressing the Windows + Spacebar key together.

Step 9: Once the keyboard is activated, select the punctuation and a pair of characters to see the different combinations of characters you can get.

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