Photos App From Adjusting Picture Brightness On Windows 11

How To Stop The Photos App From Adjusting Picture Brightness On Windows 11

Microsoft has announced a new version of the Photos app, including Windows 11, and this has given rise to a new interest among Windows users. With a built-in photo app with features, Windows users can get rid of third-party apps to view their photos. However, since the launch of Windows 11, many users have begun to complain about an inconsistency in the Windows 11 Photos app.

The all-new photo app seems to have a mind of its own and it adjusts the brightness settings without your permission or direction. While this is not a system-threatening problem, many people are annoyed by it and want to find a solution to stop it. And today we have a small set of steps that will solve this problem.

How To Stop The Photos App From Adjusting Picture Brightness On Windows 11
How To Stop The Photos App From Adjusting Picture Brightness On Windows 11

How to turn off the photo app from adjusting the image brightness

Let's take a look at the steps to turn off automatic image adjustment in a few steps:

Step 1: In your taskbar, click the Search button.

Step 2: To open the app, type PowerShell and press Enter.

Step 3: After entering the following command, press Enter.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$ ($ _. InstallLocation) \ AppXManifest.xml”

Step 4: Reboot your computer.

How to improve image quality and denoise them?

Step 1: Download HDR Effect from Microsoft Store and install it on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Complete the installation process and grant the necessary permissions.

Step 3: On your PC, open the HDR effects application.

Step 4: Open the HDR effect and drag and drop the image you want to change in it.

Step 5: To view the image, select one of the three viewing modes.

Single-mode: Only one image is displayed on the screen.

Split mode: enables you to see the effects before and after the image using a slider.

Double mode: shows original and edited photos side by side.

Step 6: To change the color of the image, look to the left of the tool. Now it's time to add effects to the image. These HDR presets are readymade effects that you can use to quickly enhance your photos.

Step 7: Another option is the user preset, which can be tweaked to your liking. To do this, use the tools on the right side of the application Highlights, saturation, contrast, brightness and shades, among other things, can all be adjusted here. For future use, save it as a custom preset.

Step 8: Once you've finished editing the image, click the Save Now button to save it.

HDR effects: a boon for photographers and photo lovers

The HDR effect is used by professional designers and photographers to edit, retrieve, and create multi-layered compositions. It's a good idea to let go of your inner artist and use these tools to edit your photos:

HDR (High Dynamic Range) algorithm. Increases the brightness of a low-quality digital shot to create beautiful, spectacular images.

Improve color scheme. You can increase and expand the color saturation range with HDR effects.

The contrast can be enhanced. Increase HDR contrast to change your photos and make them stand out

HDR denoise You can quickly eliminate low-light color noise with the powerful HDR denoise tool!

Intelligent toning. Naturally, change the tone value of your shot.

Color-coded filters available. You can turn an average image or scene into something significant by applying a little color filter.

Presets with high quality. You can capture high-resolution images using high-end settings.

Decrease the brightness or saturation as the vignette image reaches the edges.

Image Radiance. Control the color balance, sharpness, exposure and brightness of your photograph, among other things.

Color change. The colors will look bright, and the temperature, aura and other settings can be easily tweaked.

RAW images are imported. For outstanding HDR effects, import and edit PSD, JPEG, RAW, PNG and other image files in seconds.

For many users, the Windows 11 photo app is still obscuring photos as much as its predecessors. This will typically display the photo for about a quarter of a second before lowering the brightness level to a darker and darker level. 

Many people have complained that the new and improved software emphasizes rearranging portrait mode photos into landscape orientation, which can be even more annoying than changing the brightness. 

The above method will help to fix this inconsistency and prevent Windows Photos app from automatically adjusting the image brightness.

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