Places To Visit In South India

Places To Visit In South India

In case you are not able to decide what places to visit in  South India and have been putting it off for a while then let the Kerela Trip help you explore the top destinations to pick from and enjoy your special time. The Southern half of India is not only known for its distinctive essence and well-preserved cultural heritage but each state has a galore of tourist attractions to offer. The temples with intricate and elaborate designs, misty hills, heritage sites, wildlife sanctuaries, sandy beaches, and palm-lined canals make South India a tourist’s paradise. If a  fairytale place exists in reality then its name is Munnar. It is known for its sprawling tea gardens, spice plantations, and breath breathtaking waterfalls and lakes. Situated in the Nilgiri  Blue Mountain Hills and considered the “Queen of Hills” is Ooty. With the  Ooty packages spend some time at this much-acclaimed scenic hotspot as it has some amazing places to visit and adventure activities lined up for its visitors. Pondicherry is your specialist for a laidback holiday. As this French colonial and Union Territory town is an absolute beach destination known for its rich heritage and quaint French bakeries. It has preserved and protected its French legacy in the French Quarters with chic boutiques, mustard-coloured colonial villas, and tree-lined streets. 

Ooty Botanical Gardens

One of the favourite tourist attractions to visit with Ooty Packages is the Ooty Botanical Gardens. The gardens are a treat for all nature lovers as it has some amazing plants that attract gardening lovers from all over the country. It was established in 1848 and has been maintained by the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department. The botanical gardens are replete with myriad collections of stunning flowers, ferns, and orchids. The gardens are meticulously designed with different sections-Lower Garden is a spread of lush green Kikuyu grass with 127 species of ferns.  An attractive piece is the carpet design of a map of India laid out with assorted plants and a fossil trunk that is twenty million years old. New Garden with a suggestive name is a newer section that has a beautiful rose garden with many varieties of hybrid roses, Floribunda and Polyanthas rose. Italian Garden is called so as it was laid down by Italian prisoners after the First World War. They are designed in typical Italian fashion where the flower beds are surrounded by the central octagonal stand. 


A holiday with Kerela Trip is best enjoyed as you ply the backwaters of Alleppey in a traditional houseboat. With Alappuzha, its official name Alleppey is famous for its crisscrossing network of canals and lagoons with amazingly beautiful backwaters and houseboats offering overnight stays. These 120-foot-long luxurious abodes glide along the unruffled backwaters of Alleppey with stunning views of paddy fields and coconut-fringed waters. As it lies in the southern part of Kerela the coastline of Alleppey offers some of the best beaches along with awesome water sports.  Kuttanad is a region that covers a large part of Alappuzha and some parts of Kottayam district. It is the heart of the backwaters of Kerela and is also known as the “rice bowl of Kerela”. With its perfect streams, it offers hour-long cruises on a houseboat or enjoy shorter trips on a canoe. Visit the Alappuzha Lighthouse which has panoramic views that happen to be an old-world charm. It lies four km away from the main town and faces the Arabian Sea coast. The lighthouse was built in 1862 and has a museum that sheaths old equipment like oil lamps and artefacts which are witness to its one hundred and fifty years old journey.

Emerald Lake

The itinerary of the Ooty Packages features the exquisite lake of Nilgiri hills located in the upper plateau region the Emerald Lake. The lake is located in the Emerald Village which is nearly twenty to twenty-two km away from the main city of Ooty and is part of the Silent Valley National Park of the Nilgiris district. Tranquil and serene away from the hustle and bustle of the city the lake and its surroundings are a perfect place to enjoy some leisure time in the lap of nature and a must-visit for anyone who loves solitude. The lush green landscape is home to a variety of flora and fauna as the slopes of the Nilgiris and tea plantations give it a picture-perfect layout.


A must-visit for wildlife lovers with the Kerela Trip is Thekkady. It is known for the country’s largest Tiger reserve. Thekkady is located near Kerela and Tamil Nadu border in the Idukki district and is flocked by domestic and international tourists alike. Sprawled across three hundred square miles lies the Periyar National Park. It is one of the most bio-diverse regions of the world and the best-protected reserve area and is popular for its gorgeous greenery and stillness. The park is the dwelling place of species like royal tigers and elephants along with fishes, birds, and reptiles. Rivers Pamba and Periyar flow through the national park and help in the nourishing and flourishing of plants and animals. With the help of the Forest Department officials and guides the tourists get a chance to trek along the Tiger trail and spot elephants, tigers, and sambhars. An ideal activity to enjoy for water sports enthusiasts is Bamboo Rafting which is offered by the Forest Department at Thekkady.

Thread Garden

Exactly opposite the Ooty Lake lies this Ooty Packages tourist attraction. This garden is different from any garden in the world. It is filled with beautiful artificial flowers but not the plastic ones available near you. These are made up of threads. As one enters the space they are welcomed by the sight of bright-coloured flowers,  lawns, and plants. Every flower, each stem, and the entire greenery has been produced by hand. Weaving coloured embroidery threads with wire and canvas results in flawless designs with colours more real than natural flora. In the small place, the visitors encounter one hundred and fifty types of artificial flowers as the designated guides help them learn about the history and the process involved.


One of the most beautiful tourist places to visit with Kerela Trip is Munnar. As it is situated on the Western Ghats Munnar is the highest producer of tea in the Indian subcontinent. The tranquil scenic views are what dreams are made of with undulating hills touching the clouds, colonial Bungalows, and twelve thousand hectares of lush manicured tea fields being part of the picturesque background. The valley is decked with coffee and spice plantations along the misty hillsides sheltering rare and endangered species of wildlife along with captivating waterfalls will leave you with a refreshing experience. Eravikulam National Park which was once the hunting place of the British today protects wild animals with utmost care located at an elevation of seven thousand feet above sea level. It also protects the endangered wild goat Nilgiri Tahr. Pothanmedu View Point is located on an elevated cliff exactly at the entrance of Munnar and has breathtaking views of Munnar. This place is ideal for trekking and hiking in Munnar and is decked with a green carpet of tea, cardamom, and coffee plantations. 

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