Helpful Tips for a Long-Distance Move

5 Helpful Tips for a Long-Distance Move 

Need some help with your long-distance move? You’ve come to the right place. 
This year alone, millions of people will be jetting abroad to start new lives in different countries — and it looks like you’re going to be joining them. To help ensure that you experience a successful long-distance move, use these five helpful tips.

1. Plan Your International Shipping 

International shipping is very important, as it allows you to transport all your furniture and other belongings to the new country you’re moving to. Most long distance movers use Shiply for their international shipping. It works like this: Shiply provides you with quotes from different shipping companies, you pick the one with the best price, and then you wait for your items to be collected and shipped. 

Whether you want to take the majority of furniture in your house or just a single item (such as the sofa), there’s an international shipping option for you. Just make sure that you schedule everything ahead of time so that there’s no last-minute rush. 

2. Change the Address on Your Accounts 

From your bank to Amazon, you need to change the address across all your accounts to your new one. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing important messages or deliveries after moving to your new home. Although this can be a slow and tedious process, it’s ultimately worth it and will prevent future headaches.

3. Start Packing Early 

Many people make the mistake of not packing until the official move date starts getting dangerously close. 

Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, start packing months in advance. Yes, it seems a little crazy, but it’ll save you so from so much stress. 

Also, don’t forget to declutter and decide which belongings you no longer need. You can then sell or donate them — whichever you prefer. If you decide to sell your items to make a profit, it’s recommended you use popular platforms like eBay and Shopify, where it’s super easy to list items and find buyers for them. 

4. Purchase a Direct Flight 

Long-distance moves can be very stressful. This is why it’s a good idea to spend a little extra money by purchasing a direct flight instead of a layover flight. 

Even though it typically costs more, the ease is more than worth it. You’ll be able to get plenty of sleep and rest on your flight without having to worry about changing flights at a random airport and the higher potential for lost luggage. Then, once you arrive in your new country, you’ll be much fresher and ready to make your way to your new home. 

5. Stay Calm and Enjoy It 

Not only are long-distance moves physically demanding, but they can also be emotionally demanding. The key is to stay calm while everything is going on. Picture the bright future ahead of you and how it’ll all be worth it in the end once you’re settled in your new home and have properly climatized.
Good luck and enjoy your long-distance move!

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